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The Brisbane Baylands Community Advisory Group (BBCAG) meets on the third Tuesday of the month from 7  to 9 p.m. at the Brisbane Community Center 250 Visitacion Avenue, 1st Floor  Brisbane, CA 94005. (To see the calendarClick on the link Agenda/Minute/Summaries page.

We cordially invite you to attend and add input (questions, comments, thoughts) into our ongoing discussion. For questions, comments please e-mail BBCAG Chairperson,
Mary Gutekanst at BrisbaneBBCAG@gmail.comThe public is invited to attend any or all meetings.

Mission Statement:
The purpose of the Brisbane Baylands Community Advisory Group ( BCCAG) is to provide an open forum and community based input from the communities of Brisbane, Daly City and San Francisco and to advise the agencies charged with the remediation actions on three contiguous sites commonly referred to as the Brisbane Baylands.

The Brisbane Baylands Community Advisory Group (BCCAG) is a group of volunteer individuals who represent the composition, diversity and interest of the local community. The BCCAG provides an opportunity for all affected and interested community members to openly learn, discuss, and provide advice to the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) and the San Francisco Regional Water Quality Control Board regarding environmental cleanup activities at the Brisbane Baylands sites. The Brisbane Baylands sites include the Southern Pacific Brisbane Operable Unit 1 (OU1), the Southern Pacific Brisbane Operable Unite 2 (OU2), and the Brisbane Landfill sites. DTSC is the lead regulatory agency for OU1. The Water Board is the lead regulatory agency for OU2 and the Brisbane Landfill. The BBCAG is seeking new volunteers. 

The BCCAG is looking for representatives from the local business community; environmental organizations; and citizen/civic groups in Brisbane, Daly City and San Francisco.

For membership information, contact BBCAG Chairperson,
Mary Gutekanst, by e-mail:

If you are interested in serving, please come to the next meeting meet with the BBCAG members. Click here to download an application.



The Brisbane Baylands Community Advisory Group (BBCAG) was formed January 24, 2005 in response to an application to the Department of Toxic Substances Control. Pursuant to Chapter 6.8 section 25358.7.1 of the California Health and Safety Code, community members signed a petition to participate in decision-making for three or more contiguous toxic sites, in three different communities (over 600 acres in San Francisco, Daly City and Brisbane,) with several different Responsible Agencies (Water, Air, DTSC) and multiple caseworkers.  This was a method to get the three communities together to cohesively tackle the necessary toxic remediation plans, which lay fallow for years.  Our first meeting was July 7, 2005.

Our membership consists of local businesses, members serving local businesses, (Chamber of Commerce), governmental agencies (San Mateo County Department of Environmental Health, City of Brisbane,) civic (Golden Gate Railroad Museum,) and environmental groups (San Bruno Mountain Watch, Citizens League for Environmental Action Now,) and residents from three different communities, Visitacion Valley Greenway Project and VV Community Advisory Committee. 

Since 2005 when the Brisbane Baylands Community Advisory Group was created, we have met monthly and have learned about site conditions. We are pleased that we have advised on, and required higher standards for, interim projects as they have become ripe.

To date our activities and accomplishments, include :

  1. Commented and endorsed a proposed temporary remediation and re-vegetation of the North Ditch for the Regional Water Quality Control Board;

  2. .Brought the Bay Conservation & Development Commission and the State Lands Commission to speak about their regulatory roles and how they relate to the Baylands;

  3. Commissioned and received a Study Characterizing the Brisbane Landfill;

  4. Provided comments in Nov 2008 to the City of Brisbane for the EIR process on Baylands Specific Plan;

  5. Adopted By-Laws;

  6. Leachate Management Plan - Comments to Regional Quality Board;

  7. Comments to Proposed Remedial Action Plan for the Regional;

  8. Quality Board in regards to the Kinder Morgan Petroleum Distribution Facility (Tank Farm); and

  9. Input on Kinder Morgan Petroleum Distribution Facility (Tank Farm) Remedial Action Plan.


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